Setting Goals: How It Makes You A Better Photographer

one thing i am constantly doing is setting goals in my mind, both personal and professional.  the problem is, when i just think about my goals and don’t write them down, i tend to either forget about them or not fully complete them as i would really like to.  until now, that is.  my new secret to setting goals and actually accomplishing them?  write.  them.  down.  better yet, write them down so you can check them off.  but don’t just write them down anywhere.  let me share with you the very best notebook for setting goals and accomplishing them.

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Setting Goals : How It Makes You A Better Photographer

Setting Goals : How It Makes You A Better Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

when lara casey sent me her game changing powersheets for 2017 to collaborate with, i met the mailman at the door.  i was so ready to take control over my goal setting and actually achieve the goals i have been putting off.  once the box was open and the powersheets were in front of me, i quickly grabbed my favorite markers and a cup of coffee and took action.  step 1: setting goals.

Setting Goals Makes You Think

one of my favorite things about lara casey’s powersheets is that they get you to think.  and not only think, but they encourage you to motivate yourself.  as i sipped my coffee, i thought about all the things i dreamed of accomplishing in the new year, both personally and professionally.  with my daughter’s first birthday months away, i need to edit all of her baby pictures so i could create her baby book before she turns one.  i need to finally sit down and write than eBook that i have been outlining in my head for months.  i need to simplify.  both life and mind, i need to simplify.

all of my goals were so beautifully different and the powersheets support that!  some goals will take time, while others will quickly be accomplished.  no matter the size of my goal, there was a place to organize it on the powersheets.

Setting Goals Makes You Think Big and Small

turning the page to january, i was elated to see that i could make monthly, weekly and daily goals.  what a gamechanger!  yes, there are some goals that i want to enforce daily (like wearing lipstick.  i mean, it just makes you feel better, right!?), while other goals like blogging were realistically weekly goals instead of daily.  then monthly goals, that’s easy.  there are so many things that i want to do to kick off the year the right way.  because the powersheets have monthly, weekly, and daily goals…it encourages me to think about my goals every single day.  and when my goals are on my mind, i am more likely to accomplish them.

Setting Goals Holds Us Accountable

setting goals is something that makes us better photographers and mamas.  it helps us to sit down and put ourselves first for a minute.  it helps us really think about the big picture and where we want to go.  setting goals and writing them down on powersheets not only brings our goals to life, but it holds us accountable.  and, if you are like me, if you write something down…you really want to check it off!

Setting Goals : How It Makes You A Better Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

Setting Goals Encourages Us To Put Ourselves First

when i think about setting goals, i think about the things that would make me happier with myself as a mama and myself as a photography business owner.  setting goals for my photographer self helps me think about where i want to take my photography and how i want to do better.  this could mean making goals to pick up my camera, edit images, take certain photography classes or tackle a photography skill by completing a photography project.  the best thing about my goals is that they are mine. and they encourage me to put myself first, even if it is just for a little while as i tackle my goals.

Setting Goals Helps Us Pinpoint Our True Dreams

we all have goals in life.  we all have dreams.  but we all think we are just too busy to achieve them.  well, we are wrong.  we need to invest time in ourselves because, when we do, we are better for it.  when we make goals to learn about photography or complete a photography project, we are setting aside time for us to invest in ourselves.  and when we invest time in ourselves, we get better at what we are doing and are happier for it.

Setting Goals Encourages Success, Big or Small

but nobody is perfect right?  that’s my favorite thing about lara casey’s powersheets.  they don’t expect you to cross every single thing off of your list or to do things perfectly, but to set goals for yourself and do the very best that you can.  yes, there are going to be days when i edit a bunch of photos and make my bed, but there will also be the days when the only thing i do is narrow down a title for my eBook.  success is success, big or small.

one of the best things about success is that it builds onto itself.  once you have the feeling of fulfillment after completing a goal, it is somewhat addicting in that you want to achieve more.  for me, once i see myself crossing goals off my list as i achieve them, i am even more inspired to add additional goals to my list to complete.  if goal setting is something you are struggling with, be sure to check out these amazing powersheets to help inspire setting goals and achieving them.

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Setting Goals : How It Makes You A Better Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

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