Baby’s First Easter : A Nursery Easter Egg Hunt

for those of you who have followed me for awhile, you know that traditions are my jam.  i grew up with strong traditions and i think it’s something that is a really important part of childhood.  so when it comes to the big events, and even the smaller events, for our daughter…we are all about building traditions in our house.  for our baby’s first easter, it meant coloring easter eggs, waking up to an easter basket from the easter bunny, going to church, and having an easter egg hunt, or two.

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i didn’t plan on photographing her easter egg hunt but, at the last minute, grabbed my camera and i am so glad that i did.  i had taken the weekend off from social media, intentionally winding down and stepping away for a meaningful holiday weekend with my family.  i felt so relaxed that i thought leaving my camera down was a good idea, but the idea of not photographing her first easter was too difficult for me.  so photographing, i did.

while i started out using my portrait lens, i very quickly decided to use my wide angle lens after only a few photos.  i wanted to be sure to capture the surroundings during this activity and the portrait lens was just too tight of a photo for my liking.

Baby’s First Easter : A Nursery Easter Egg Hunt

Baby's First Easter : A Nursery Easter Egg Hunt | Bethadilly Photography

for our baby’s first easter, i wanted a really classic inspired easter basket and steered clear of all the loud branded items when filling it up.  click here to take a peek inside her easter basket.

i have heard people say that you miss out on fun once you have kids and i must say that if you feel that way, you are doing parenting all wrong.  i swear that we have so much more fun, now that we are parents.  we are like kids again as we build new traditions for our daughter and have fun participating in activities with her.  seriously though, this family thing is awesome.

being barely one year old, we weren’t sure how successful an easter hunt would be.  but it was wildly successful!  so much so that we did it twice!  after hiding the easter eggs in her room, my husband carried her around the room and helped spot the eggs.  once she saw an egg, she would grab it and she would drop them in a pile on her changing table.  to be honest, it turned into such a learning activity!  we have been trying to teach her how to drop things in place on her own, and this activity definitely helped her master it.  look at us, all educational and all.  unintentionally so, but it worked!

by the second time around, she was spotting the eggs on her own and grabbing them from table tops, on top of picture frames, in baskets, and on window seals.  this was definitely a wonderful first easter for our entire family and i am so glad i have these photographs for us to look back on and show her when she is older.

Baby's First Easter : A Nursery Easter Egg Hunt | Bethadilly Photography

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Baby's First Easter : A Nursery Easter Egg Hunt | Bethadilly Photography

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