Starting A Photography Blog : 6 Steps To Creating A Blog

allow me to begin this post by saying this: you do not have to be in business to have a photography blog.  repeat after me: “i do not have to be in business to have a photography blog.”  okay, so now that we have cleared that up, let me tell you why you should have one.  every photographer, whether hobbyist or professional, should have a dedicated place to share their passion with photography.  whether that is through social media or through a blog, it’s important that photographers put their images somewhere.  i find it sad that there are so many photographs taken that just sit in the dark, unappreciated.  share your images!  let others enjoy your talent and see your passion for photography.  starting a photography blog is super simple and something i hope you do for your photography.  plus, there is really no right or wrong way to have a blog because, it’s yours!

once you get blogging, you will have a lot of fun.  here are 6 things to remember when blogging to get you started.

Starting A Photography Blog : 6 Steps To Creating A Blog

Starting A Photography Blog : 6 Steps To Creating A Blog | Bethadilly Photography

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Step 1. Educate Yourself

there is something to be said for taking a little moment to learn before diving into something.  while you will learn a lot in the act of blogging itself, give yourself a jump start and learn a little about blogging before you start your blog.  i really enjoyed reading problogger: secrets for blogging your way to a six-figure income, and found it to have a lot of takeaway.  even if you aren’t wanting to make blogging a carrier, i think this book is still worth a read as it may help you to understand blogging a little better.  while i discovered this book after i started my blog, it helped me realize what things i was doing right with my blog, and what i wasn’t.

Step 2. Choose A Site and Template

once you have read problogger and are thoroughly excited to start a blog, now it is time to choose a content management system and a place to host your blog.  for a content management system, i use wordpress and definitely recommend it.  it is very user friendly and you can find many blog templates through prophoto to get you started.  choosing a site to host your blog and then choosing a template to begin your designing your blog is really exciting, and you are on your way to blogging!  plus designing your site is a fun way to show your personal style.

Step 3. Buy BlogStomp

the purpose of starting a photography blog is to showcase your photography.  you will need a way to quickly size your images for your blog so that they load fast for your readers.  trust me, if your images aren’t sized for your blog and are too big, they will take forever and a day to load and your readers will be super frustrated, causing them to exit your blog.  do yourself a favor, buy blogstomp.  listen to me when i say, it’s the best thing i have purchased for my blog by far.  this software is amazing and so very user friendly, every blogger should have it.

for a tutorial on how to use blogstomp, be sure to read how to create photo collages for your blog.

Step 4. Write!

alright, you have your blog set up and a way to add photos correctly, so now it’s easy…write!  i think it’s nice to write a first post about yourself and why you are starting a photography blog.  maybe you will then write tutorials or, if that isn’t your thing, you start posting pictures that you take and write about your experiences.  your blog is yours!  there are really no rules to blogging, just be you and be authentic.  with that in mind, be mindful that you are always representing yourself in the best way you can so that your blog becomes a fun place for your audience to visit.

need help thinking of blog topics?  here are 100 photography blog post ideas to get you started.

Step 5. Make A Blog Jar

every blogger should have a blog jar.  blog jars are so encouraging to have and really help you on days when you feel uninspired to blog.  which, trust me, will happen.  it’s only natural.  having a place to turn to for inspiration will be very beneficial both for you and for your blog.

Step 6.  Promote Your Blog Posts Somewhere

this is really important.  once you write a blog post, be sure you take the time to promote it somewhere so others know about it!  you don’t write a blog post to have it sit unread, so be sure to share it with others.  i like sharing links to my blog posts on Facebook, instagram, and pinterest.

and there you go, 6 easy steps to starting a photography blog.  blogging does take a little time and effort but, as you grow as a blogger, you will become more natural with it.  and there is something so encouraging about sharing your photography on your own blog.  think of your blog as your own little piece of the internet, a place for you to share everything about you (within reason) and your photography.  remember to have fun with blogging and share your personality through your posts.  there is nothing better than reading a blog that has a clear voice.

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Starting A Photography Blog : 6 Steps To Creating A Blog | Bethadilly Photography

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